Your Personalized Emotional ER

The holiday season is upon us and this can be both a joyful and / or challenging time for various reasons.

One of my favourite exercises during any stressful period is to map out strategies that can help, using the Emotional ER metaphor. These are strategies that you can use when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed – and everyone’s are different. You’ll see a few of my favourite ones below.

Continuing with the metaphor… once you’ve spent enough time in the Emotional ER, you can then move onto “rehab.” Those strategies are different, as you’re no longer in the thick of the emotions and may have more strength and energy. For me, some of my “Emotional Rehab” strategies include walks in nature and yoga.

Curious to give this exercise a try? Here are a few questions to get you started:

What rooms would be in your own personalized “Emotional ER”?

What visuals would best represent each room? Bonus points for drawing them out in a map.

How would you know when you’re ready to move onto the “Emotional Rehab Centre”? (i.e., what would be your indicators)

What would your rehab plan look like?

Big thanks to David Elliott for brainstorming with me on how to bring this visual to life.

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