“One of the best things about working with Nayla is that I felt seen by her. She was able to validate me and treat me as a woman who is capable and powerful enough to take charge of her life. Nayla is excellent at helping you build the confidence you need to move forward with the dreams that you have for yourself and your life.” 

Janelle Clarke, Legal Document Production Specialist, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I was thrilled to come across Nayla’s coaching services at a time when I was ready to work on my leadership skills. There’s a difference in the way I show up now, a new level of professional presence and confidence to lead my teams through quick growth and change.

Lindsay Gomez, Business Operations Manager, Chicago, IL, USA

“The mindset tools and techniques Nayla taught me are not only effective for helping me build new habits and thought patterns, but also fun. I would recommend Nayla’s coaching services to every smart woman who has ever doubted herself or made things harder by questioning her every move. ” 

Megan Barnhard, Writing Coach, Grover Beach, California, USA

“Working with Nayla has increased my confidence as a supervisor and given me great new ideas about how to approach difficult situations so that I can achieve better outcomes. I’m now much more able to tackle difficult conversations head on instead of avoiding them. And I’m also more comfortable with advocating for myself to help ensure that I have the authority and clarity I need to succeed in my role.” 

Anna Wong, Senior Policy Associate, Oakland, CA, USA

“As a result of Nayla’s coaching, I’ve started to find my voice and inner confidence. The thing I like best about working with her is her ability to ask pointed, deep questions that reveal the true issue at hand quickly and effectively. And she does it with compassion, empathy, and a comforting smile that lets you know you are not alone.” 

Marisa Raymond, Yoga Teacher / Mindset Coach / Genetic Counselor, Bordeaux, France

“As a director, I have an extremely busy job. After working with Nayla, I feel more in control of myself and more organized. I have moved from a state of disconnection, where I felt that I was doing things in a very hurried manner, to a more structured place that I had always wanted to achieve. Nayla was great at helping me figure out what steps I needed to take to become more productive and at the same time feel calmer.

April Chavez, Director of Financial Aid, Clovis, NM, USA

“I feel that my work with Nayla was part of a bigger process of leaning into my natural abilities that I’d previously pushed away. I had been trying to be like others rather than becoming a better version of me. When I practice what I’ve learned from Nayla, I feel more like myself: a comfortable, natural version of me.” 

Kristina Green, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Web Designer, Portland, Maine, USA

“I learned something new in every single session with Nayla… and better yet, it was always something that surprised me! She was great at zoning in on what was really important to me and this helped me to move forward in the places where I was feeling the most stuck.”

Rocio Fallas, M.Eng., Solmed Business Strategies, Heredia, Costa Rica

“My deep appreciation to Nayla for her coaching. In every conversation, Nayla greeted me with positivity and acceptance, and stayed with me as I struggled with resistance and self-doubt. Nayla offered models and exercises, which both grounded me and showed me possibilities. Through my work with Nayla, I not only shifted my assumptions, but I came to embrace a wider perspective and a clearer sense of how to make real progress, based on structure and daily actions. Thank you Nayla.”

Kathleen Mitchell-Jensen, MA, Integral Master Coach™, PCC, Ottawa, Ontario